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Nice Guys Finish Fast
Final Fantasy X (- II!!!1)
Mat - 04.26.2002
Corran - 03.25.2002
They say all things good must come to an end. Apparently, so must all things mediocre. It was a short run for Nice Guys, but at the same time it had sort of become part of our routine. Maybe that was the problem.

We started Nice Guys as something fun to do, and a way to pass the time over the summer. And it was fun, and we learned a few things, I think. Corran's art has definitely gotten a lot better since then, and if I didn't have such low self-esteem and lack of confidence in my own work, I'd say my writing has too.

Unfortunately, neither of us have the drive to do the comic any more. We went almost a year, and it was good while it lasted, but we just couldn't keep it together. Things change, is what it is. Life has other priorities and obligations--the comic just wasn't a big enough thing for us to keep us from those priorities and obligations.

As I understand it, Corran will be continuing his comic, Not Without Mercy, and I'll be doing...something else. I don't know yet. I'm working on setting up a new page for myself, but my web design skillz are severely un-mad, so I might be a while. You can always check back here for updates on what Corran and I are up to.

And, it is always possible Nice Guys will start up again someday. Not to get anyone's hopes up (as if), but I still have plenty of stories for these characters, so it might happen someday. Actually, a few people have suggested to me that I keep doing the comic without Corran, either drawing it myself or find another artist. But, that's not really an option.

Nice Guys Finish Last is definitely Corran's comic as much as mine--if not moreso. I'm the writer, sure, but it's his art that brings it all to life. And, he's always providing ideas as well as inspiration for the story, and I don't do anything for the art (aside from yelling at him a lot ^_^;;).(br)
In addition, while it's true that a large part of the reason we're ending the comic is because we were having trouble getting anything drawn, but that's not really the main reason. I was writing demanding strips that required a lot of work, but at the same time I lost my real motivation to motivate Corran. I was getting burned out, and I was having trouble writing anything. Corran and I pretty much stopped talking about the comic. I may or may not send him a script, and he may or may not draw it.

I think I've said pretty much everything, now. So, lastly, I'd like to thank you, the readers. As corny and lame as it is, I mean it. Even over the last month, when we weren't putting up new comics, our hits (however low they may be to begin with :P) didn't drop at all. It's good to know that the fans you do have are loyal like that. So, in all sincerity, I'd like to thank all our readers. From the ones who have been there since the beginning (Maria, Dave), to our crazy friends who don't have the heart to tell us we suck (Sam, Mattrick, Caitee), to the stalkers (Jane, John), and to the select few of you who found our site by typing "kittens in a toaster" into a search engine, and anyone we missed. Thanks. You're all the reason we did this for as long as we did. We'll be around, folks, so take it easy. Mat out. ;)

Time: 51:03 hours
Started: Friday March 15th
Finished: Wednesday March 20th

Well, today I am going to give you a PIRO-like-rant. No, I won't be complaining about my art or my ONE hate mail out of ten thousand fan mails. I will be telling you the low down on Final Fantasy X. Maybe I should'v called it a Largo rant but it's too long to be.

BUT BE FOREWARNED, I will use many references to Final Fantasy VIII, which is the best so far and everyone should "just give it a chance". and... THIS RANT WILL BE A SPOILER TO MANY. I won't give away the ending or anything, I may just comment on it.

Anyways, this is what I thought when I first started playing... "WOW! They totally fucked up the Final Fantasy Theme *sigh*... oh well, maybe they'll put a better one in somewhere, like when I get a game over like they did in FFVIII or at the end and beginning of FFVII" but no. Fortunately I didn't really care too much because I was too horrified at the main characters clothes... I did get used to them but I still don't understand em. Ok, so the first FMV (Full motion Video) came into play, and they were playing Blitzball, yay! It would've been nice if the whole game was shown but no, that ugly mofo Sin just had to interupt, boohoo... Yeah, so the whole dome get trashed, a few make it out including Tidus (lucky as a Cactuar!). Him and Auran do their thing and all that, and get sent to the future (they never actually say this, but what really happens is too compli...er... it's a SPOILER! yeah... that's it).

In the future he meets the skinniest, twinkish girl in the game, and at first I thought, "well HEY, she's gonna be fucking annoying" but she actually wasn't. Then we meet the greatest character in the game, WAKKA! WAKKA is a great blitzer and takes a liking to young Tidus right off the bat. Tidus doesn't even have to show more than a few moves to impress this guy (the only reason I say this is because no one else in the world gives a shit about how incredible Tidus' abilities are, go figure) So WAKKA introduced Tidus to the gang on this Swiss Family Robinson island. I mean, this place is so beautiful! I wished I could've stayed there the whole game and.. ya know, get into a few FMV's with Lulu. The gang involves Lulu, WAKKA, Kimahri, Yuna and Tidus... (from now on I'm calling Tidus: Coolin, because that name is just so COOL!) So COOLin is stupid and goes into the forbidden temple which only Summoners and their Gaurdians can enter! The gang and WAKKA get angry at Tidus but he is easily forgiven because of "Sin's Toxins" which is prolly a nice way of saying he's mentally retarded. Luckily this goes away soon in the game.

So we go to Kilika and find that SIN has just had his way with the island and it's people. The people were in shock and this one kid was so scarred that he was saying he wanted to become a Blitzball, so I ran after him for a long time. After I finally caught the blitzball I went to the Kilika temple, Coolin went into the temple even though he wasn't a gaurdian again, "Silly Coolin, temples are for Summoners and their gaurdians!"

So after getting Ifrit, which I named Phatty... I named Valefor: Poove (inside joke, email Mat for explanations!) and we went to Luca where everyone made fun of WAKKA's team, the fuckers! Oh well, Coolin told em off. So I lost the tournie, but you know what they say, it's not wether you win or lose, it's how many you take down with you. *ahem* anyways... We meet Auran again and go to the Mi'hen road where we get wind of an operation... a Mi'hen operation... named operation Mi'hen, weird! So we go to this operation and witness the horrible power of Sin.

After this point is a blur... I think I got really drunk while I was play but when I came too I was at the end of the game :D. No wait! I found an old Wierd Al CD and just kept playing it over and over again while I was leveling!

Basically the whole game after that was exactly the same, but I picked up a sassy little girl. The twinky one who, when taking off all her outer clothes became a totally different person... well, clothes do make the man... or woman. Wait, if I were to undress a woman, would that mean i was unmaking her!?

Gah! Thinking too much. So, I got Coolin and Yuna's Celetial weapons and WOW, they were really good... I could do up to 25, 000 dmg with Coolin and when I got Holy for Yuna, then double cast, I was shooting things for 60, 000 dmg in total! I mean, that's a shit load of damage, I never actually used a Summon throughout the whole final Boss... I mean, the final boss was TERRIBLY easy! I mean, Yuna, who up until this part of the game was horriblye bad at giving damage besides her Summons (which I hated using) just beat the last boss on her own basically! It was loverly!


it was bad....

hehe, just kidding. It was a Final Fantasy Ending... it was a really big open ending, basically, they let you imagine what happens to everyone at the end. But what I thought they should have done was...

Tidus wakes up...

Tidus: huh? what the? YUNA! Where are you?

Jecht: hey, shut up boy. What I tell you about smoking crack... damnit!

Tidus: fuck, not again!

much better! But even with this ending it wasn't as good as Final Fantasy Eight's!

Game Play:
The fighting system was really good in this game. They made it so that you basically HAD to use everyone. The only thing that sucked about it was that I screwed up Kimahri! I accidentally made him into a Red mage, but he was too far behind Lulu to have any affect with Black Magic at that point... so I gave up and made him into an Auran... but I screwed that up again, it was at the end of the game and he was getting like 1 sphere every few fights so he was going nowhere... oh well, I just stopped using him :D The Overdrives (limit breaks) weren't as good as in other Final Fantasies... a great example of this is Final Fantasy Eight! the greatest of the Final Fantasies! The limit break system made the game easy but also made you have to pay attention. Squall did a completely different limit break on every boss and the timing got really difficult at times... but not too difficult for Corran!
In FFX they didn't have a hand fighter, Monk if you will, in this game. Rikku (twinky little striper) used gloves, but she was a thief. I think Coolin should have been a fist fighter, it would have made more sense with his blitzball abilities and the fact that there was already a swordsman in the game... but no! Squaresoft has to make the main character have a sword!

They don't get much better than this... well, cept for Final Fantasy the movie... but I refuse to say anything else good about that fucking movie. They were really good from the beginning. The only thing I didn't like was that in the movies the characters looked so Asian. I'm not saying that being asian is bad but they should have made the characters always look Asian instead of just in the movies. But besides that, it was good, almost as good as FFVIII ;)

They were all great actually. WAKKA was the best of course and no one was annoying, well, cept for Coolin at first. But Rikku's cute, perkiness was actually cute and funny. And there was just so much love in the group!

Summons/Guardian Forces/Aeons
Well, this is new! They pulled a Pokémon on us! Now Yuna, the trainer can summon out a single Aeon out of her batch of six. (well, there are more, but six is just more like pokémon) and they will fight for Yuna, the party goes away, and only Yuna, the trainer, is left! She helps the Aeon like any good Pokémon trainer would and just lets em kill themselves/faint. I was also suprised that there was no Odin or Laviathon. I mean, Odin wasn't in everyone but he was a good character, I guess Yojimbo replaced him... *sigh*. and Laviathon would've fit nicely into the fire water thunder and ice scheme ... there was no water Aeon. the thunder Aeon was represented by Ixion. Well, it changes in every game.... but a thunder horse!? God! Go back to the only man on the rock! But the only thing I will never complain about was how much better Shiva gets in every game. FUCK! For a god of Ice she's friggin hot! I bet I could totally melt her!

Why Final Fantasy VIII was better:
I gave you all the fucking reasons in the above rant! If you need more, just go play it for yourself and you will see... and if you need any help on the game, just ask in the forum

I give it 6.9 out of 10. but only because of the ending, the tediousness of getting the Celestial Weapons, the whole Asian and not Asian thing, what I said about the Summons, the fact that it wasn't FFVIII and I have no idea how it got such a high rating!

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